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ज्ञानादेव तु कैवल्यम् - Knowledge Alone Liberates 



K.J. Somaiya Polytechnic is an Autonomous Grant-in-Aid Polytechnic of Government of Maharashtra. Institute was established in the year 1963 with Diploma Programmes in Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering with an intake of 40 each. In the year 1966, the intake for these Courses was changed from 40 to 60. To cater the need of employed technicians, Institute started Part-Time Diploma Programmes in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering with intake of 40 and 60 respectively. Full-Time Diploma in Industrial Electronics started in 1994 with intake of 30 and Part-Time Diploma in Industrial Electronics in 2001. In 2006, under Un-Aided Section, Institute started Diploma in Computer Engineering with an intake of 60.

In 1994, Government of Maharashtra as granted Academic Autonomy to the Institute. Curriculum of All Diploma Programmes is regularly revised based on requirements of Industry, Inputs from Alumni, Parents and other stake holders. All Diploma Programmes have equivalence from Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, M.S.

All Aided Diploma Programmes were accredited in 2005 with Civil, Electrical and Mechanical accredited for 5 years and Industrial Electronics with 3 years. Institute has applied for reaccreditation to NBA AICTE.

Institute focuses on overall development of student. Good infrastructure, Sports facilities, Good laboratories are created for student activities and learning. Most of the activities relating to students are computerized and students can get information directly on website or through their somaiya.edu email ID’s.

Hence, K.J. Somaiya Polytechnic always strives to provide quality education and ensure overall development of student.

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