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ज्ञानादेव तु कैवल्यम् - Knowledge Alone Liberates 

Organization and Governance


K.J. Somaiya polytechnic is governed by management of Somaiya Vidyavihar, Directorate of technical Education and AICTE New Delhi. As per AICTE Guidelines Institute has a Governing board  chaired by Mr Samir S. Somaiya ,President, S VV Governing board approves all policy decisions, curricular matters, Examination policies and reforms, Admissions etc.

 As a Grant- in-aid institute, all policies Government resolutions with respect to salaries, admissions, recruitment rules as informed by DTE are followed.

All departments are headed by head of department who takes care of academic matters of the respective departments. All heads of department report to principal in all the matters pertaining to department. Each department has lecturers, Lab Assistant. Class 4 employees who report to head of the department.

COE heads exam section and is responsible for conduction of term-end examination and declaration of result after conducting the necessary meeting.

TPO takes care of all training and placements needs of students and interaction with industries.

Registrar heads office and assists Principal in all administrative and Financial matters.

Institute gets lots of supports from IT cell SVV, HR department SVV, Finance and Accounts section SVV and all other senior officers of management to take care of various activities of the institutes.



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